Collect like never before

The Artexpert is a unique mobile application that helps collectors, inheritance recipients, and art investors organize collectibles portfolios in a few days without complicated software, tech overwhelm, or lack of knowledge so they can collect with confidence.

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See your portfolio summary and its value estimation change on daily basis.
No more complicated:

  • spreadsheets
  • notepads
  • continuous calculations
Check the precious metal rates at one simple dashboard.

Types/kinds of assets

Organize your Portfolio

Easily link your assets to our pre-defined categories, and create your own collections.
Forget about:

  • Mess in your portfolio
  • Inability to find information
  • Losing valuable information
View/Add and Manage you assets photos in one place.

Record audio stories


Record audio stories about events/people/anything that is related to your assets.
Connect your stories to your treasured belongings.
Everything has a Story. Make sure you never lose yours.

Web version. Desktop view.

Coming soon features

In roadmap:

  • Web version for a full power of desktop.
  • Networking and sharing the assets and collections.
  • Tracking auctions by keywords
  • Evaluation history
  • Custom alerts
And many many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start?

Click on Apple App Store or Google Play button depending on mobile device you are using and click install(or get it) button to install Artexpert mobile application. After it's installed click on Artexpert mobile application icon and register your account or login into existing one.

Is it free?

You can start using application and platform for free, but some of the features are limited. Free subscription includes up to 20 assets in one account, we believe it' more than enough for a begginer collector to try our application and create a great portfolio.

What is asset?

Asset is any collectible or item that you have, it can be anything that you want to save in your porfolio or it's just valuable to you.

What is collection?

Collection is a group of assets. A great way how to organize your portfolio and keep records in order.

What is moment?

Moment is an audio record you can make using microphone of your mobile device. With audio recordings you can easily make a notes and save important information about your asset.

What’s the evaluation?

Evaluation is a proccess of determining the price(value) of your asset. In Artexpert we are using unique methodology and algorithms that are simplifying that process to answering a few simple questions about assets. The price(value) of the asset depends on the amount of information(verified), the more information you have more chances that the price(value) would be higher.


Simple pricing model for all collectors.



  • up to 20 asssets
  • One moment per asset
  • 5 images per asset
  • Single evaluation per asset
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  • up to 50 assets
  • 3 Moments per asset
  • 10 Images per asset
  • 3 evaluations per asset
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  • up to 100 assets
  • 5 Moments per asset
  • 30 Images per asset
  • 5 evaluations per asset
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  • up to 300 assets
  • 10 Moments per asset
  • 50 Images per asset
  • 10 evaluations per asset
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  • Unlimited number of assets
  • Unlimited moments
  • Unlimited images
  • Unlimited evaluations
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from $290/mo

  • Multiple users in one account
  • Unlimited assets, images, evaluations
  • Advanced evaluations
  • Business profile
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Trusted by 1000+ People worldwide

If you’re tired of trying to piece together the dozen “secrets” you’ve learned from so many different “experts” out there and are ready to simply follow a step-by-step process that our awesome users are using to quickly organize their portfolio, estimate the value of their assets and see the entire collection value.

Start using Artexpert mobile application now and you will FORGET about those three things:

spreadsheets, notepads, complicated and expensive software

mess in your portfolio, inability to find information

continious calculations and dozen websites to check

Ready to level up your portfolio quality and start saving a lot of time?
Click link below to install and start using Artexpert mobile application.